Broadsword Investors LLC

Equity Advisory & Brokerage Services

Our equity advisory team assists property owners in the planning, development and construction phases of CRE optimization.  This includes creating efficient capital stacks of debt and equity that meet property owner’s needs and capital budgets.

Services include:

  • Commercial Real Estate Brokerage for sales and acquisitions (License # 9006997)
  • Capital identification and subsequent raise for project completion
  • Commercial property development, planning, budgeting and underwriting
  • Construction of new projects
  • Re-positioning / Retrofit of existing properties
  • Preferred Equity

Preferred Equity Parameters

The Broadsword team has extensive experience in acquiring, financing, operating and the disposition of commercial, multifamily and hospitality assets.  In addition to the asset level services, the Broadsword team will also assist in raising equity capital for GP or LP situations.  For over 30 years, the Broadsword team has worked with a wide variety of developers and property owners to identify development and re-positioning strategies for maximizing returns.

Please contact Paul Smyth or call Cary Williams at 469-294-5940 for additional information.